1. Permaculture Playing Cards for STL meetup

    Here is the plan. I’d like to raise some money for the STL permaculture guild. Basically, this group currently I’m funding this out of my pocket.  I’d like to make it pay for itself, eventually. Sustainable if you will… (barely not dead). So I’m trying some things.

    Send me an email at ryan at slowdownfarm dot com if you have some interest in this. Optionally, you can fund the producer directly.

    I’m going to take the risks on this and buy in bulk from the producers.  You only have to put $10. For that $10 you will receive a deck of permaculture playing cards that you can use as an aid to describe all the cool/wacky stuff you are doing.

    $10 is the minimum, If you’d like to give more, It will go into a fund for the meetup group. For every 10 decks sold, I’m only going to make around $20. So any extra you can give will go purely toward the meetup group.