• I met up with Ernest, Megan and Matt at the Earthdance farms in Ferguson Missouri Yesterday.  

    Ernest and Megan came in from Stelle Illinois to do a talk at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood (We had a great turn out of well over 40 folks). Ernest and Megan work with the Center for Sustainable Community in Stelle and Ernest works as a teacher with Midwest permaculture. Matt is the new Volunteer organizer at Earthdance. 

    We talked a bit about the farm and how the newly acquired land will bring more permanent culture/agriculture to this urban farm.  (they had been leasing the land year to year until buying the farm in 2012)

    With the future of the farm land secure; Earthdance farms now has the ability to reach out to their neighbors and provide a community hub that will be around for many years to come. 

    On the agriculture side, Perennials were not a good investment of energy until now, They are Getting an asparagus patch going this spring/summer! Yum! And it sounds like fruit trees are on the way too!

    We should have the video up for you in a few days.


    While we were walking around the farm; Matt mentioned that has worked with people in Paraguay, Israel  and NYC. Ernest asked “What is the glue that binds a community together?”, Matt answered with “Good food”. 

    Good answer. 


    The pictures:

    Matt and Ernest videoing/talking about how the structures site are going to be reclaimed to use in future building projects on the farm.

    Molly Rockamann, the founder of Earthdance farms, was around and gave us the history of Earthdance and some details of what’s going on in the future. 

    The last picture is the future site of an Herb Spiral We are planning to build on April 9th! Come on out to this we’ll be doing a quick farm tour and dig right in to building.


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